CT Scan Results

Hey, everybody. Today has been a good day. Well, actually a great day! My first assessment results came in this morning around 11am. My oncologist gave us some exciting news that I would like to share with you all.

The cancerous tumors on my liver and in my stomach have receded by almost FIFTY percent of their original size (over the past 8 weeks)! Although we could not be more ecstatic, we still realize we have the remainder of the marathon ahead of us. I am just thrilled that positive progress was shown in the first assessment; it makes dealing with all of the side effects MUCH more tolerable knowing that it is working! My hard work, determination to succeed, my love for life, my faith, my family, and my friends will get me through the finish line!

Below is my new treatment schedule:

  • Chemo Treatment- 7/5/12
  • Chemo Treatment- 7/19/12
  • Chemo Treatment- 8/2/12
  • Chemo Treatment- 8/16/12
  • Second Reassessment/CT Scan–Week of 8/20/12

I want to thank you all for the continued support and please keep us in your thoughts. Sorry this post is short, but I am exhausted from a long day of treatment and I am ready to relax.



33 thoughts on “CT Scan Results

  1. Hayden and Shelley. This is fabulous news!! Thank you so much for sharing. I know my mom is up there with Team Hayden on her mind! I had told her about you before she passed. I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for more good news!

    Love, Michele

  2. I am so happy to hear the great news! I have been praying for you and your family everyday and will continue to do so!

  3. Fantastic news! Very positive news and hang in there. Stay strong and our thoughts are with you. Team Hayden – Adam, Danielle, and lil Aiden

  4. If anyone could conquer this, I knew it would be you! What a stud!!! Congrats on the great news…..now hunker down and keep your eyes on the goal. We are so proud of you! With love from the Kellett’s.

  5. Amazing news!!!!!! The prayers won’t stop. Can’t wait to see you beat this for good. Thinking about you every day and know good news is yet to come. We love you!

  6. Prayers work!!!! ST. Luke’s has you on their prayer board and prayer list. I am proud that my whole family is on Team Hayden.
    Paula Barbin

    • That’s what I’m talking about! Great to hear the good news and will keep the prayers coming for Team Hayden. Keep doing what doing because its working and I’m so happy you saw proof of that today!

  7. Richard and I know you will be victorious in your fight. Today we celebrated our 32nd anniversary. Last night we agreed that the best present we could receive was news that treatment is working for you. We are indeed thankful to God, the medical professionals and Team Hayden for a great anniversary gift. 🙂
    Richard celebrates his 14th year of remission on June 25th. We expect you and Shelly to follow a similiar journey. Keep that positive attitude.
    Lots of love to you, Shelly and the fam from the Stogners.

  8. Keep it going head! Hard Labor baby. Hard Labor. (Maybe for you last week of chimo you can work out in the same clothes for a week just to bring you back).

  9. It was truly a blessing to open this e-mail today and hear of your positive results to the treatments. You have many prayer warriors out there praying for you and your family. Keep looking up. God is with you every step of the way.

  10. That is fabulous, terrific news. We are confident that the August results will be equally encouraging. Know that our prayers are with you as you complete this journey successfully.
    Bob and Carolyn Axt

  11. Hayden, this is such wonderful news! So many are praying for you and your family. Your strength, faith and determination are an encouragement to me.

  12. Outstanding!! No price can be placed on the true value of progress and momentum towards the pursuit of a worthwhile endeavor. This is incredibly powerful news and is a sign of great things to come. Keep after it Hayden!

  13. That news made my day!!! So happy for such great results and our prayers continue for many more to come!! Keep up the good work!!!
    See you at the gym!

  14. Best news ever! Keep up the fight my friend!!!! Lots of prayers backing you still!!! Hugs to the whole family!! God Bless you guys!

  15. What fantastic news. I could hear good news in your mom’s voice when she called even before she told me. We are thrilled, but not surprised. We’re continuing to pray for you! Love, The Whole Weaver Family, friends, in-laws, ministers, etc. etc. (all of whom, I might remind you, are Mizzou Tigers)

  16. This is such great news, Hayden! I know there will be more good news ahead. So many are praying for you & supporting you in all your hard work. All the Tienkens are on board Team Hayden! Keep up your wonderful positive attitude & fighting spirit. Hang tough.

  17. Hayden,
    So glad to hear this great news. We’ve had you in our prayers and will continue to pray for more positive results.
    Debbie & Jack Lane

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