Status Update 7.20.12

Good afternoon everybody. I wanted to share a brief status update on my current health situation. I am currently faring very well, in fact, my lab results from yesterday were at an all time high! Just so you know, prior to each chemo infusion, I have my blood drawn to measure my current counts for multiple categories (red blood cell count, white blood cell count, etc.). This way the doctors can monitor my progress and adjust my medication or chemo if needed.

All else is well, I think that I pretty much have all of the side effects figured out (and which day they will occur) by now. Typically, this is how it happens:

  • Thursday’s Chemo Infusion—the sensitivity to anything cold (either to the touch or while consuming foods/liquids) is immediately noticed. This means any beverages or foods that are cold are not even remotely tolerated. All due to the chemo Oxiliplatin. The nausea is usually not noticed until later in the evening due to the anti nausea meds they give to me via IV prior to my first infusion.
  • Friday following chemo day–sensitivity to cold, nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite, sensitivity to odors (primarily foods ie: fried foods make me want to vomit instantaneously)
  • Saturday following chemo–sensitivity to cold, nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite, sensitivity to odors
  • Sunday following chemo–sensitivity to cold, nausea, extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, sensitivity to odors
  • Monday following chemo–sensitivity to cold, nausea, extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, sensitivity to odors
  • Tuesday following chemo–sensitivity to cold, nausea, extreme fatigue
  • Wednesday following chemo–sensitivity to cold, some fatigue, appetite starts to come back, and most side effects tend to subside
  • Thursday following chemo–sensitivity to cold, appetite and nausea are typically gone and I am start to eat everything in sight (organic of course)!
  • Friday following chemo through the next week–typically the sensitivity to cold is the only side effect that tends to stay with me. My oncologist has said that it may last for 6 months post treatments, but no big deal!

Also, here is my new treatment schedule:

8/2/2012 – Labs and Chemo Infusion

8/9/2012 – Genetic Testing Meeting, 2nd CT scan

8/14/2012 – Meeting w/ oncologist to review CT scan results

8/16/12 – Labs and Infusion at Emory (Crawford Long)

Thats all I have for now, thank you for the continued support and I hope everyone has a great weekend.



14 thoughts on “Status Update 7.20.12

  1. Your faith, your positive attitude, and wonderful friends and family will be by your side throughout the process. We will beat this! We are ALL TEAM HAYDEN!
    I love you my son… Mom

  2. More great news! More and more proud of you every single day! You’re a continuous source of inspiration to us all. NEVER GIVE UP. Love you always!!

  3. Hayden, it’s great to read about your progress. Thank you for the update and for the example of personal strength and perseverance.

  4. I’m keeping up the prayers!! So proud of you for being so strong!! Stay that way. You are touching so many hearts and inspiring so many souls.

  5. You are amazing, Hayden, but then, knowing how amazing your mother is, I am not surprised! Keep up the positive attitude — it more than makes up for the ill effects of the treatments. You have inspired us all, and we are in awe of the true beautiful soul that you are.

  6. I’m so saddened to hear about what u have been going through but I certainly have faith in your recovery. I know how big your heart has always been and how much strength you have. Stay positive and I believe God with guide you through it all. My prayers & heart are with you always… has been since high school 🙂 I am always here if you need me my friend. Stay strong and continue to inspire others with that smile and strength!

  7. it is great to read that there is a positive trend Hayden!! my sister brought a green wristband to california! so far my dog, i and my 2 year old have worn it!!!!

  8. We’re all praying for you every day. So glad to hear that things are going well. It was wonderful to see your mom. Keep getting better! XXOO from CoMO

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