8/14/12 Update–2nd CT Scan Results

Good evening, I wanted to give everybody an update on my second CT scan and on the game plan for the next week or so. This morning we reviewed with results with my oncologist and they are as follows. The cancerous tumors on my liver (1.4cm) and at my GE Junction (primary tumor@intersection of esophagus and stomach) have stabilized since the last treatment. This means that they have not metastasized at all and surgery to remove the primary tumor in the near future (within 4 weeks) is a very real possibility. I do have an appointment with my surgical oncologist on Monday at 10am to confirm this and will have a better idea of what the surgery entails. Just so you know, this is all GREAT NEWS. Even though the surgery is rather invasive and intimidating, it is the most effective way to rid the cancer from my body so I am all for it!

I ended up having my treatment today instead of Thursday so this post will be pretty brief; time to get on the couch and watch Shark Week! Thank you all for the continued support.

With love,




27 thoughts on “8/14/12 Update–2nd CT Scan Results

  1. There are many of us out here, Hayden, rejoicing with you over your good report. We are praying that surgery will happen soon and that the tumor will be gone!
    Prayers for you and Shelly … always praying for John, too.
    Sherrill Redovian

  2. He forgot to mention that the doctor said he is the tannest cancer patient she has ever seen and the only one that has MORE hair than what he started treatment with (for those of you that have seen his beard, you know what I am talking about – much to my dismay). My husband is a bad @ss. ! Love you – so much!

  3. Hayden, great news. Please keep us posted. By the way, I had no clue what shark week was until my kids had it on yesterday. P.S. keep working on the tan……

  4. Great news! Your attitude and outlook are definitely an inspiration for everyone and I am thinking of you all everyday. I look forward to catching up in Atlanta and to hearing the next positive update.

    Hang in there,


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