It’s a MARATHON, not a sprint! 11.6.12

This morning we had an appointment with Dr. Kauh (my oncologist @ Emory) to discuss the results from last week’s MRI and CT Scan. According to him, the primary tumor at my GE junction and the spots on my liver have stabilized. This is great news, given the fact that they have not spread. I was hoping for a little more progress (from a reduction standpoint) on the liver lesions but, I cannot complain. At this point, Dr. Kauh is speaking with his team about performing an Ablation (This procedure uses high-frequency electric current to heat and destroy the cancer cells) on my liver to remove the minuscule spots. Again, having the liver completely clean is critical before any surgery is tabled. We should know more on this procedure in weeks to come. In the meantime, Dr. Kauh ordered that I start another four rounds of chemo therapy and we will have another set of scans for progress in 8 weeks. Dr. Kauh has also decided to remove the Oxaliplatin from my chemo regiment because of the neuropathy in my hands. The neuropathy is a common side effect from any of the platinum based chemo therapy treatments; it is very annoying but is well worth the cost of living! By removing this from my regiment, my infusions should only last about 5 hours instead of 6.

Emory has partnered with St. Joseph’s, so I have scheduled the majority of my future treatments there since it is much closer to home. My schedule is as follows:

-Infusion@ St. Joe’s on 11/7/12
-Infusion @ St. Joe’s on 11/19/12
-Infusion @ St. Joe’s on 12/3/12
-Infusion @ St. Joe’s on 12/17/12

Thank you for the continued support and love,


7 thoughts on “It’s a MARATHON, not a sprint! 11.6.12

  1. Hi Hayden- Thank you for sharing your update. And think of this as relay marathon too; your team is here to help you carry the baton. I’m praying for you always! Sending a smile your way 🙂 Sol

  2. Hayden
    Thank you for the update. Please know that I continue to pray for you everyday for complete recovery. I am always on your side #teamhayden.

  3. Thanks for the update! I was thinking about you today and wondering how things were going. Love and prayers to you and your family!

  4. Brother, keep up the smart & hard work! All of your wise decisions will sum up to something truly extraordinary before we know it. Just continue to lay one brick at a time…

    Love you.

  5. Hayden, we continue to follow your progress and are so inspired by your hard work and determination! My family continues to pray for strength and healing everyday.

  6. Please know that I as well as others here in Saddle Brook continue to keep you close in thought and prayer for your continued progress.

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