1st RFA Complete

Other than the fact that my chin is three times the size of Jay Leno’s I seem to be doing quite well. We were discharged (sorry, gross word) from Emory University hospital around 5pm yesterday afternoon.

Here is a brief rundown of my procedure on Tuesday. We arrived at Emory Hospital around 6:30am where I checked in with the radiology department. I was then admitted for pre-op care around 7:30 where I received more details on the RFA procedure, my IV, a backless gown, a summary from the anesthesia team, and news that I would have to have a catheter! Yeah, the catheter part was probably my least favorite news of the day.

Around 8:30 am I was put under general anesthesia and Dr. Nour and his staff had me in and out of the MRI machine performing multiple scans and performing the ablation over a 6 hour period. During the procedure, the ablation machine had a malfunction and so they were only able to ablate one lesion (they typically try to ablate 2-3 at at time). The GOOD news is that the largest lesion was 5MM (which he ablated) and the other lesions were almost too small to even measure. He also stated that the lesions had reduced in size from my scan four weeks ago!  Dr.Nour and his staff also did a biopsy on my liver since they had already penetrated my body.

I woke up in the PACU (post anesthesia care unit) around 2:30pm and felt like I had been hit by a bus. They gave me some pain and anti nausea meds and I went back to sleep for a few hours. Now, that I know what to expect, it will be easier to manage next time. Yes, I will be having another RFA on 1/4/12 to ablate the remaining lesions.

Back to the Jay Leno reference…apparently the anesthesia team did a lackluster job of placing my body on the stretcher in the MRI suite. During the procedure I was face down (So they could access my liver through my lower right side of back) with all of the weight from my body on my chin. So throughout a 6 hour time span, my chin received a bit of localized trauma and is pretty swollen. The doctors said that the swelling should recede in the next couple of days. No big deal…We proceeded to spend the night at the hospital to catch up on some rest and for observation.

In summary, the RFA was a complete success and I look forward to the next one on 1/4/12. I want to thank everyone who sent me emails, texts, phone calls, etc over the past few days!



16 thoughts on “1st RFA Complete

  1. Yay! another lesion bits the dust. You both are always in our thoughts and prayers. Saying a quick thank you now to God for every bit of good news! Love and hugs to you both!!!!!

  2. So glad this is over … always better to know what to expect. .Praying your liver will be clear when these procedures are finished up. Positive attitude, doing everything you can to beat this … that approach seems to run rampant in the family. Uncle Ron was a fighter … Johnny is doing his best to stomp out als in his body … you have great role models (and these are the only ones I know about)!
    Love and prayers for you, Shelly, and all your family.

  3. That is such fabulous news Hayden!!!!! You have zillions of people rooting for you, and you are our hero! Keep up the incredible work and have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year! You have worked so hard and been so positive and your results are so positive. All of us on Team Hayden love you!!! With all my love, Julie Mathes (andy’s mama)

  4. All good news!! (except for the chin thing). Can’t wait to hear that the rest will be gone soon. You are going to beat this nasty disease, I feel it all over!! Congrats on a job well done!! We love you and prayers always heading your way!!
    Sue Hale

  5. I am so glad you are done this round. When you go in on the 4th, make sure you put a face mask on and maybe they will get the hint to be nicer instead of bouncing you around in the machine. I often wonder why they don’t consider this stuff…

    Get better soon we need to meet up. Thanks. Mar

  6. Glad to hear of the successes and progress….sorry to hear about another round, but you are amazing!! keep up the great attitude.

    The Axt Clan

  7. Oh, my! Always thinking about you, Hayden… and every day, I pray for you, too. Thanks for the update on the procedure. Really good news. I’m calling my Mom right now so she knows!

  8. You are such an inspiration, Hayden! And you will beat this!! You, Shelly and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    All the best,
    Katie B.

  9. Whoa…what a procedure. Six hours! You are soo tough!! Stay strong. Continuing to send prayers and big hugs your way daily!!

  10. Awesome news, Hayden! Good luck with the next RFA…must be a good feeling to get rid of those lesions! Happy New Year…we’ll be pulling for you every step of the way. xo, Kelly
    PS – Your brother is awfully cute! Guess you possess that same “cuteness” gene:)! Looking forward to meeting you & Shelley on our next trip to Atlanta…this one was a holiday whirlwind!

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