Update on the big “C” 1/29/13

So far we are starting off the New Year “on the right foot”! I have had a couple of chemo treatments thus far and due to my reduced dosage, my side effects have been minimal and I have felt better than ever. Just to refresh you, my oncologist has reduced my chemo intake due to the ablations; they don’t want to strain my liver any more than necessary. The neuropathy in my fingers has somewhat subsided and the only other issues that bother me on a daily basis is the shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing certain dry and meaty foods (salmon, white chicken meat). Both of these issues are directly related to where my primary tumor resides at the GE junction. Heck, I like walking and for the most part, I eat a diet that consists of about 85% vegetables anyways so its not a problem!

I just got back from an appointment with my oncologist at Emory and he told me the following… My primary tumor and liver lesions continue to shrink at a slow pace. This is good news considering that it is not spreading! I still have two small spots on my liver (one on the front and one on the back) that he recommends that we go ahead and ablate anyways even though they have been reducing in size every four weeks. So, I have another ablation scheduled for 2/5/13 and the last on 3/5/13. Due to the location, they cannot take care of both of them in one procedure. No big deal because all four of the recently ablated lesions were still shown as “Dead Tissue” on the MRI that I had completed Saturday!

Fortunately, due to some recent business travel, I have been able to keep my sanity (somewhat) throughout this marathon. After the last ablation, I was told that I could not exercise for 3 weeks and it was brutal!

Here is my new treatment schedule:

1/30/13: Chemo Treatment #20

2/5/13: Ablation # 3

2/13/13: Chemo Treatment #21

2/18/13: Endoscopy

2/27/13: Chemo Treatment #22

3/5/13: Ablation #4

3/13/13: Chemo Treatment #23

3/25/13: Chemo Treatment # 24

3/27/13: MRI and CT Scan- Progress Update

4/4/13: Appointment with Oncologist to discuss scans. I think at this point we should get some direction on my surgery options.

4/13/13: ONE YEAR to date of when the mass was found, hard to believe it has only been one year; feels like 10! ha ha

I cannot thank you enough for the continued love and support that you have shown our family over the last 9.5 months. We love each and every one of you. Now I am off to take a spin on the bike, it is 71 degrees outside with not a cloud in the sky!

Get busy living or get busy dying,



2nd RFA Complete

Just wanted to provide you guys with a brief update. Friday morning’s RFA went very well…the procedure was a success. Our radiologist was also very pleased with the results from our first RFA in that their was no trace of the original cancer spot they ablated one month ago. Unfortunately, I am still at hospital due to severe cramping, muscle spasms, & some general soreness. I had a slight fever, but it has now subsided. I hope to get discharged late tonight or tomorrow morning. Again, the great news is – I am one step closer to getting rid of the C!

We truly wanted to thank all of you for taking care of us, praying for us & sending emails / text messages. Our family couldn’t do it without y’all.

Lastly, if you want to come down here to watch the big game tonight, you can check out my new hospital pants & we can also watch it from the rooftop bar / pool here at the hospital. The view of the Atlanta skyline is amazing. I may even take my canvas & easel up there at sunset.

Roll tide!




Gym this morning, Chemo today, and another RFA on Friday. Every day is a step closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. #cancerfreein2013 #vegan


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