2nd RFA Complete

Just wanted to provide you guys with a brief update. Friday morning’s RFA went very well…the procedure was a success. Our radiologist was also very pleased with the results from our first RFA in that their was no trace of the original cancer spot they ablated one month ago. Unfortunately, I am still at hospital due to severe cramping, muscle spasms, & some general soreness. I had a slight fever, but it has now subsided. I hope to get discharged late tonight or tomorrow morning. Again, the great news is – I am one step closer to getting rid of the C!

We truly wanted to thank all of you for taking care of us, praying for us & sending emails / text messages. Our family couldn’t do it without y’all.

Lastly, if you want to come down here to watch the big game tonight, you can check out my new hospital pants & we can also watch it from the rooftop bar / pool here at the hospital. The view of the Atlanta skyline is amazing. I may even take my canvas & easel up there at sunset.

Roll tide!



9 thoughts on “2nd RFA Complete

  1. Congratulations, Hayden…!!! Good news. It is a :lONG haul for you but the end result will be worth it…..,..,and we are praying for a wonderful end!
    Do you paint? If so your Mom never ,mentioned it…Hope I see some of your work some day if you do, Hayden. Love

  2. Awesome new hospital pants, Hayden! So glad you made it through RFA #2…you’ve got a great attitude! Bet that rooftop view is amazing! Cheers to a great start to 2013!

  3. Roll tide! Now I know who to root for! So happy for the wonderful news. Happy, healthy new year to you and all your family and friends! Love, Julie

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  4. What the heck roll tide go catholic. Sorry that your still in hospital but you are so cute in those hospital gowns. Get better and enjoy the game. 🏈

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