Excluding his recent and scandalous love life news, Arnold has undoubtedly beaten the odds stacked against him during his lifetime. His story is pretty incredible.

Overcoming the physical aspect of having cancer is the easy part for me; the mental aspect is the most difficult part of the equation. Finding inspiration in others is one of the ways that provide a greater inner strength for me mentally.

My relentless will to fight and win will make me a survivor.



Another One Bites The Dust!

No, not the meatloaf.

This morning’s procedure (RFA) was a success according to my radiologist and oncologist. Since the last scan of my liver, the lesions had shrunk again! This news is good for me but bad for my radiologist because he will have a hard time seeing any abnormalities during the next scan. I think I will take my news over his!

Thank you all for the kind words and gestures over the last few days, it really does create a positive impact on my life. It is also ironic how people often tell me how I am an inspiration to them or others…YOU all are clearly MY inspiration to Never Give Up!



P.S. Who is jealous that I am dining at Ristorante Emory tonight?


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