Excluding his recent and scandalous love life news, Arnold has undoubtedly beaten the odds stacked against him during his lifetime. His story is pretty incredible.

Overcoming the physical aspect of having cancer is the easy part for me; the mental aspect is the most difficult part of the equation. Finding inspiration in others is one of the ways that provide a greater inner strength for me mentally.

My relentless will to fight and win will make me a survivor.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. You are on your way to beating the odds Hayden! Your determination to do what ever is required of you to rid yourself of the primary cancer in your esophagus and stomach, (that visited other organs in your body, too) is what is helping you beat up on this unwelcomed cancer.

    Your cancer and other diseases (als comes to mind) often times come out of nowhere, through no fault of your own. One day Hayden I expect you to be the poster child for beating those odds!

    I know this is not important but I am going to say it anyway … no matter what odds Arnold has overcome they are nothing compared to what you are going through and he will never be as gook looking as you are, just saying.

    Keep up the fight! Love to you and your wonderful wife and family! I know this is hard on all of you.

    Sherrill Redovian

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