March 2013 Update


Three weeks ago, I had my first routine endoscopy since the mass was found on 4/13/12. The endoscopy revealed that my primary tumor in fact is still slowly shrinking (which we assumed) and that the rest of my esophagus was in “pristine” condition. Dr. Kauh (my onc) recommended that we start back on the FOLFOX chemo regiment to ensure that we would keep everything under control. We of course obliged and I prepared myself for the nausea again. Insert 8 hr chemo treatment on 2/27/12 here…

Today, I am still pretty sore from last week’s RFA on my liver, but the soreness is the least of my worries because Dr. Nour ablated the LAST of my remaining liver lesions!!! None of the spots that he has ablated in the past have come back, but I am quite humble now with good news these days. Honestly, I don’t go to a super high or super low place when I get any kind of news; I just take the news as is and then put one foot in front of the other and continue on the path to having No Evidence of Disease!

Here is my upcoming treatment schedule:

3/13/13: Chemo@ St. Joes Campus (Emory)

3/25/13: Chemo@ St. Joes Campus (Emory)

3/27/13: Restaging Scans (MRI and CT Scans@ Emory)

4/4/13: Meeting with Dr.Kauh to evaluate next steps (either more chemo or more chemo then surgery!)

The picture above is from Groton Plantation, where Parker and I spent the weekend hog hunting (I told you I wasnt that sore!). I can truly say that spending three days in the wilderness without cell phone service was just what the doctor ordered. I made new friends and spent time with loved ones; what more could you ask for? It was the trip of a lifetime and I am already ready to go back!

Keeping my eyes on the prize,



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