March 2013 Update


Three weeks ago, I had my first routine endoscopy since the mass was found on 4/13/12. The endoscopy revealed that my primary tumor in fact is still slowly shrinking (which we assumed) and that the rest of my esophagus was in “pristine” condition. Dr. Kauh (my onc) recommended that we start back on the FOLFOX chemo regiment to ensure that we would keep everything under control. We of course obliged and I prepared myself for the nausea again. Insert 8 hr chemo treatment on 2/27/12 here…

Today, I am still pretty sore from last week’s RFA on my liver, but the soreness is the least of my worries because Dr. Nour ablated the LAST of my remaining liver lesions!!! None of the spots that he has ablated in the past have come back, but I am quite humble now with good news these days. Honestly, I don’t go to a super high or super low place when I get any kind of news; I just take the news as is and then put one foot in front of the other and continue on the path to having No Evidence of Disease!

Here is my upcoming treatment schedule:

3/13/13: Chemo@ St. Joes Campus (Emory)

3/25/13: Chemo@ St. Joes Campus (Emory)

3/27/13: Restaging Scans (MRI and CT Scans@ Emory)

4/4/13: Meeting with Dr.Kauh to evaluate next steps (either more chemo or more chemo then surgery!)

The picture above is from Groton Plantation, where Parker and I spent the weekend hog hunting (I told you I wasnt that sore!). I can truly say that spending three days in the wilderness without cell phone service was just what the doctor ordered. I made new friends and spent time with loved ones; what more could you ask for? It was the trip of a lifetime and I am already ready to go back!

Keeping my eyes on the prize,


18 thoughts on “March 2013 Update

  1. Nature is a great step toward healing and especially when you share it with someone like your brother. So happy for you that youi had that experience. I could not pretend to know what you go through, Hayden. I do know your attitude is to be commended..formal way of saying you are courageous. Do not answer this no need,,,just wanted to say a long hello. My intuition is right many times and I hope this is one of them because You WILL survive !!!!Love to you all. Priscilla Glenn

  2. Your positive attitude and hard work is evident and IS paying off! Brightens my day to hear about your continued progress dude. Big ups to Parker too.

  3. So glad for you and Parker that you could get away to the great outdoors and have a fun weekend. Think of you all the time and pray for you daily. I’m always sending loving wishes and good thoughts your way.

  4. those wonderful times with loved ones get us through trying times in our lives–YOU and Shelly are my heroes and you are both in my daily thoughts and prayers–wishing you continued success and much much love

  5. Way to go, Broham! Stay positive and know the Team Hayden Army proudly marches along with you every step of the way. Also, glad to hear you are able to spend some time with Parker…his life is so boring these days.


  6. Good to hear you are getting out and enjoying the weather. Keep up the AWESOME work – such an inspiration to track your progress!

  7. Great news Precious Hayden and Shelly! Sounds like things are really good!! I pray for both of you every day! Love you Bunches!!

  8. That’s great news man. Maybe one day the bad boys will head to Vegas just not for a wedding that rhino place you talked about. Glad you are doing well bro

  9. Hayden, you are in our thoughts and prayers. You are an inspiration to so many.
    We love you!!! Team Hayden Rules!!!

  10. I think about you a hundred times a day when I look at my green “Team Hayden” bracelet. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are an inspiration to all of us!

  11. Keep on trucking forward, just like you are! You are so strong and a great example to all of us! Big prayers!!! xoxo

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