Another Small Victory!

We just got back from our progress scan update at Emory and I am pleased to inform you all that my liver lesions are still nowhere to be found! So with a clean liver and a clear set of scans, I am now a definite candidate for surgery! We will be meeting with the chief of surgery in the next week or so to discuss my options. In my mind, there are no options other than to move forward with it albeit the surgery risks involved. I will keep you all posted on our conversation with the surgeon…

Below is my new schedule:

Chemo Infusions @ St Joseph’s on 5/22/13, 6/5/13, and 6/19/13

5/31/13 Update:

• PET Scan: 5/31/13

• Appointment with Dr. Charles Staley (Chief of Surgery) on 6/3/13

• Endoscopy and PET Scan results discussion with thoracic surgeon on 6/4/13

Thank you all for your continued support for our family.



6 thoughts on “Another Small Victory!

  1. I cannot imagine better news! All our love to you and your family as you finish this fight!!! Julie Mathes

  2. So happy for you, Hayden … will keep praying that complete recovery for you is where this story ends!!!!

  3. As wrote your Mom, Hayden,… there are no words good enough for the clean liver. I am SO happy for you all. Now for another batch of GOOD news. Love, Priscilla

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